About Us

To produce what we truly want to give to our loved ones..

MATSUYA ICE CREAM was founded by Japanese national, Kohei Taki. Person who felt that if an ice cream’s ingredients were more natural, the price was very high, and if the price was affordable, then the ingredients were more artificial. It was difficult for him to find suitable ice cream to give to his own children in the market.

Thus was born the passion to create ‘a More Natural but Affordable’, handmade naturally, fresh fruit ice cream.

Whilst exploring Malaysia, Kohei found out that Malaysia has natural resources, tropical fruits and a manufacturing standard which is necessary for the new ice cream.

Forging a great partnership with the Lim family, who themselves have over 15 years of ice cream manufacturing experience, together they have created natural, fresh fruit ice cream, without adding any emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, additional color, or additional flavoring (less than 0.01%).

The concept from the very beginning was “to produce what we truly want to give to our loved ones” – This has now become a reality.”